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The Circle of Life "Spirituality Beyond Religion" 10:30 am every Sunday at Rainbow Stew The Circle of Life is an Inspirational Gathering with Spiritual Talks based on the Teachings of Master Ding Le Mei, Founder of the Science of Mentalphysics.  Healing & Guided Meditation with  Rev. Dr. Charla Shamhart, MsD, Rev. Wm. Michael Shamhart .  1st Sunday each month Songs and Hand Drums by Stephanie Kern and Teddy Tapscott;  3rd Sunday Guitar and Vocals by Rev. Anne DeMille.  (Every 3rd Sunday bring Potluck Dish to Share)  



Every Sunday Morning


Peace Chant

Late Night Shopping & Healing Circle

Sunday, December 16th, 2018 from 2:30pm-3:30pm

Feel good from the inside out! Experience the Healing Vibrations of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, along

with Tibetan Prayer Bells, Song Pods, & more. These vibrations provide an internal massage, balance

Chakra’s, release blocked Energy,and allow the Spirit to journey. This is a monthly community Sound Bath,

offered by Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart. Please bring

pillow, pad, & water for your comfort. Please do not

bring animals, small children, cell phones, or

electronics. Suggested Give Away $10. Private & group sound baths available.  Contact Carrie at: carrielaughingheart@gmail.com for

pricing & availability.


NO Yucca Valley Flute Circle

A Reiki infused, Mindfulness Meditation class, blending deep breathing exercises with Native American teachings to embody and honor the seasons and cycles of life and the true nature of reality. Join certified Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation and Sacred Breath Teacher Rossana Jeran, Tuesdays, December 4th, 11th, & 18th at 11am at Rainbow Stew for this one hour class. Suggested donation $10 RSVP Space is limited, call Rossana at 310-663-7734


Breathe - Embody - Know

Sound Bath Sunday

Chaparral Artists presents

Same But Different

At Rainbow Stew.  December 8th thru January 3rd Reception December 9th from 1pm-3pm

At Rainbow Stew

Wednesday December 12th 2018

Please join us for this beautiful, gentle and transformative "work". We begin promptly at 7PM. Please plan on arriving no later than 6:50PM since the door to the shop will be locked at 7PM! Chanting usually goes for an hour, sometimes less.

Facilitators: Stephanie Morning Star Sings and Mary Windrider.  We chant the Five Sounds to create Peace within

our own Hearts, Minds & Spirits so we may share these

vibrations wherever we are.  

Grandfather Joseph Rael/Beautiful Painted Arrow shares and teaches..... "In 1984, I received the vision to build

peace chambers or sound chambers where people chant

together to bring about peace." and.... "Chanting affects our bodies on a cellular level and it affects all the earth and plants as well. It clears away blocks so that life energy can flow

uninterrupted; it frees stuck energy in the physical world around us.  Chanting also brings new energy from the heavens.....In chanting we plant the here-and-now with the seeds of our intentions for the future."

From Beautiful Painted Arrow's work Being & Vibration ......


A (aah) Purification, Direction of the East, the Mental Body

E (eh) Relationship, Direction of the South, the Emotional Body

I (eee) Awareness, Direction of the West, the Physical Body

O (oh) Innocence, Direction of the North, the Spiritual Body

U (uuu) Carrying, the Center of the Medicine Wheel

at Rainbow Stew

Wednesday December 19th, 2018

walk in anytime between 6PM - 8PM


This Circle will be open to the public and people may simply come for what they need allowing us to share our Healing Ways. No appointment is necessary and there is no charge to those who come (Heart giveaway is always appreciated)!  Also

welcoming ALL Energy Workers who Walk and Work in Love & Light. Open your heart and mind to gather together,  creating a Healing Circle that is open to all. Bring your Beautiful Self and please

let others know!


A Course in Miracles

with Veronica Gabrielle

Saturday, December 8th from 1:30pm-3pm

Holiday Craft Fair

Join us for one hour as we do our part in the creation of 24 hours of continuous Peace Chanting around the World at the Winter Solstice! Friday, December 21st,  Shop doors will be locked at 6:55PM.... so please arrive in time so we may begin promptly at 7PM.   We will Chant the Vowel Sounds (the soft sounds hold the Sounds of Creation) then complete our hour of Chant with "spontaneous" Chant for Peace! Grandfather Joseph Rael/Beautiful Painted Arrow began the work of the Peace Sound

Chambers in 1985....33 years ago. Chambers are now found around the World! Grandfather asks that while Chanting...."Chanters view

themselves as the Being & Vibration of the Divine Presence, the

Mother-Father God Principle."

Winter Solstice Chanting

Sampatti "The Bread Lady"

Is presenting her homemade breads in a bake sale

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018...Noon-5PM!  

Everything is made from scratch including her own starters.  She is a custom baker.

I Heart Myself  Improv Comedy Workshop

Sunday December 23rd from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

closed new years hours